Why Not Prefer Decentralized Wallet Over a Centralized One?


The centralized wallet is a wallet where you are not provided with a private key, but usually, they offer services such as instant buying and selling.

Example: Coinbase and Xapo.


Decentralization describes the design of a network that is not controlled or managed by the central party. In a decentralized wallet everyone has a private key.


So, why not prefer a decentralized wallet over a centralized one?

An idea was created by walahala’s competent team. Walahala offers a decentralized wallet that connects directly to the live exchange. The world has never been securer than now Walahala’s new technology directly connects your hardware wallet to the live exchange.


Hardware wallet:

Walahala puts you in control of your money. The smart and slim design makes it easier for you to access a crypto hardware wallet in your purse. It looks and feels like a credit card that can be carried, anywhere in the world. We have created the most advanced system, where your cryptocurrency is safe in our advanced network of blockchain.


Our hardware wallet features are the following:

·         Walahala hardware wallet is based on 33 passphrases.

·         Walahala cards can be carried anywhere without a wire.

·         Walahala hardware wallet is slim and sleek in design that the user can easily place in the purse.

·         Walahala offers the security of all funds because everyone has his/her private key.

·         Walahala facilitates you to have full control of your own money.

·         Walahala provides you with the facility of trading Crypto to Crypto.




Reference: https://walahala.com/