WALAHALA Cryptocurrency Coin— Experience the real money



A world where the old rules of employment and the economy no longer apply, why should we have faith in old assets?

New World New Assets — The Cryptocurrency

We need a technology that can be used beyond our Exchange and Hardware Wallet. We don’t want regular ERC Token like before, as we want to give you the best of the best. So here it is: We introduced a coin “WALAHALA” which is lightning fast in transactions, without any mining fee. It can be considered as real money which is secured with our private chain.


WALAHALA Coin is based on Pure Distributed Self-Verification (POA) technology that works according to direct acyclic graph. In WHC (WALAHALA Coin), transactions are verified by the previous transactions without any third party (Miners). Direct cyclist graph algorithm helps WHC to create transaction units and verify other units with the help of previous parent transactions.

WALAHALA Coin technology consist of:

  •        Transactions
  •        WALAHALA Particles
  •        WALAHALA Sub Particles




When WHC Coins are transferred from one address to another WALAHALA transaction is generated. This transaction further goes on confirming a new transaction. Instead of using the traditional mining concept our technology works on distributed ledger which makes the consensus more powerful, because proof of authority is directly managed by previous transactions. All previous transactions act as validators for new incoming transactions. The more the previous transactions, the more are the validators. Hence, new transactions will be verified instantly.

WALAHALA Particles:

In our Plasma core engine, previous transaction collides with the new transaction, through which the consensus creates a new entity called WALAHALA Particles. The basic phenomena work as ‘Parent & Child’ in the transactions, for example if ‘person A’ sends some WALAHALA coins to ‘person B’ so, person A (The sender) becomes parent of the transaction and person B (The Receiver) is a child of the transaction. In our Plasma Core Engine, we call fusion of these transactions as the collision. So, upon each such collision a particle is born, this particle is also known as WALAHALA particle or the main particle. The WALAHALA particles are always created when WALAHALA coins are transferred from one account to another.

WALAHALA Sub Particles:

In our Plasma Core Engine when two pairs trade with each other, WALAHALA coins WHC are charged as the transaction Fee. Instead of transferring these WHC coins to a central account, our system automatically burns them as fuel. All of these Transactions are called Sub Particles. The Sub particles work as a separate entity on the blockchain as open ledger on the public explorer. Upon clicking the selected hash of the sub particle anyone can see all the details of that particular transaction in an open explorer. Therefore, all our online trades are attached with the sub particles to view at and confirm any time line.


Walahala coin users independently control their transactions. Walahala coin payments can be made without personal information tied to the transaction. This offers strong protection against identity theft.


Reference: https://walahala.com/