WALAHALA — Restoring a Device Using Passphrase


This article will help you that how to restore a WALAHALA card using a passphrase. First, we need to understand what passphrase is.  How to protect your wallet from hackers? Why we need passphrase?

The passphrase are unique which makes your wallet recoverable, in case you lose your hardware wallet. It also protects your wallet from hackers because you are the only one who have

33-passphrases. In addition, WALAHALA gives its users 33 –passphrase security feature to recover their crypto assets .WALAHALA makes sure that there is no backdoor on the wallet. Therefore, you are the only one who can control your money and wallet as well.


There are some key points that you should know:


·         Never share your 33-passphrase, in any form, with anyone.

·         Never store your passphrase on a computer or smartphone.

·         Keep your recovery sheet physically secure to make sure you cannot lose or destroy it by accident.

·         Only trust what you can see on your hardware wallet screen. Verify your receiving address and payment information on your device.

·         Always treat information shown on your computer or smartphone screen with Caution.


How passphrase works?

If someone stole your hardware wallet, he/she cannot sign in to your account. In case if, he/she tries to sign in your account, the get will get erase from your wallet on the six wrong password attempt. As a result your money will never get in the wrong hands.  As far as your recovery is concerned, you will get your money back but you have to buy a new WALAHALA hardware wallet. Now you can recover your account and money when you enter the passphrases in the new hardware wallet. You just need to click on the recover your account option then enter your 33-passphrases.



WALAHALA introduces such unique security parameters that even if your hardware wallet is stolen you do not need to worry about your crypto assets because now WALAHALA is here to secure your assets like never before.

Reference: https://walahala.com/