Which factors make Fast Transaction for WALAHALA Coin Users?


If you want to become the crypto trader then you must know every crypto trader wants two main things that is:

• Fastest speed

• No Mining/Transaction fee

Many of you, who are already a part of cryptocurrency exchanges facing many issues and want something new and a better way of trading in a crypto world. Now the time has come to get rid of the conventional ways of trading.

Revolution change in crypto world by WALAHALA:

WALAHALA has introduced plasma core engine technology for making transaction fast like never before. If you want fastest transaction without mining/Transaction fee then trading should be executed through WALAHALA platform. Let us take an example to understand how WALAHALA coin Plays role in fastest transaction. If you have a bitcoin in your WALAHALA hardware wallet and want to buy ethereum, you do not need to pay mining/transaction fee using WALAHALA platform because WALAHALA coin will be used as transaction fee instead of conventional mining /transaction fee. In other words WALAHALA coins will burn to perform fastest trade.

How WALAHALA Coin is burning in Plasma core engine to improve transaction speed?


The whole plasma core engine is placed in a “QUANTUM SPACE”. Walahala coins are injected in to the engine, making the transaction successful with a blink of an eye, and WALAHALA Coins are burnt when trade is executed. Thus, every transaction burns some WALAHALA Coin as a fuel to make transaction successful within no time.

Reference: https://walahala.com/