WALAHALA Next-Generation Hardware Wallet


Let's just understand what Hardware Wallet is before you enter this article?


A hardware wallet is a device that holds the user's private key. A private key is a piece of critical information for enabling outgoing network transactions in the blockchain. The purpose of the hardware Wallet is to present adequate isolation between private keys and your device or smartphone that is easy to use.

 A Hardware wallet not only provides the means of storage but also the usage of crypto assets in everyday purchases. In the upcoming years, cryptocurrency will be turned into an everyday way of payment. Many people who already a part of the crypto world and use cryptocurrencies, demand higher protection and safe storage of their assets. Hence looking forward to a better and secure crypto hardware wallet. How WALAHALA hardware wallet differs from other WALAHALA is bringing the future more closely to you. Carry in your purse easily, securely trade on-the-go any number of assets just with one wallet. The first thing that makes a WALAHALA hardware wallet different from others is the WALAHALA hardware wallet directly connects to live exchange. Many hardware wallets are designed to store crypto assets, but why WALAHALA? WALAHALA does not require any wire, Cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect. Smart, Slick and intelligent design makes it easier to carry your cryptocurrencies in your purse. It looks and feels like a credit card that can be carried, anywhere in the world. WALAHALA Wallet is completely isolated from all physical and network connections. Is WALAHALA secure? WALAHALA hardware wallet is protected by using multiple verification systems like Two-Factor Authentication, Google authentication and Mobile Authentication that makes your Wallet more secure. The security of our WALAHALA Hardware Wallet is based on 33 words passphrase and we have the highest security features ever. We are making sure that there is no back door on the wallet. So, you are the only one who can control your money and wallet as well. We cannot log in to your account without your hardware wallet as the security prevents logging in the chain without the original device. COMPARISON: Here is a thorough comparison of WALAHALA and other major hardware wallets on the market.


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Reference: https://walahala.com/