The Easiest and fastest method to spend your crypto

The Hardware Wallet


Your money is safe with 100% security in an exclusive Hardware Wallet.


Compact in design:

There are many hard wallets available but, it is always difficult to carry them around, therefore, you need a visible and a thick USB wire to connect them with the computer. On the contrary, we have designed the most compact wallet that is smart and sleek in design as a credit card that can be carried without a wire. Its smart and handy structure makes it easier for you to carry your Crypto Hardware Wallet in your purse. WALAHALA’s latest technology makes it faster and easier to use. The world has never been securer than now. With WALAHALA your money is in your control now. Techno world is changing drastically for which we provide you the best of the best. So, it is time to experience top-notch Japanese quality and high tech product. WALAHALA is the name that you can trust blindly. WALAHALA is a miracle for us to step into a brand new world of money, because we don’t rest until you get the best!

WALAHALA Exchange proudly introduces WALAHALA Card that can be easily carried along anywhere in the world. Hence, it is easily accessible, anytime. Due to its adaptability and flexible use it is ready to operate worldwide. WALAHALA Card is a user-friendly product that gives you an easy access to control your money with lightning fast trade execution through our Live Exchange in any corner of the World.

Our Strength

We believe in building a society where a WALAHALA Card holder becomes powerful. Unlike, any other exchanges, a WALAHALA Card helps you control your financial world other than your money being parked open on a centralized platform. The technological system these days is vulnerable to hacker’s attack, however, in past, clients of many exchanges have lost their money due to the limitations in technology. . Our team comprising of brilliant scientists and engineers has invented new ways to secure your valuable assets. We make sure that you are in control of your own money.
The security of our WALAHALA Hardware Wallet is based on 33 words pass phrase and we have highest security features ever. We are making sure that there is no back door on the wallet. So, you are the only one who can control your money and wallet as well. We cannot login to your account without your hardware wallet as the security prevents to login the chain without the original device.


We provide you with 33 recovery pass phrases that further provides you with the right security features. The 33 recovery pass phrases are unique which makes your Wallet recoverable in case, if you lose your Hardware Wallet.

Privacy Matters

Making you and your transaction private is our first and foremost priority. Through our updated technology, we ensure that no footprint is left behind.


We treasure our work as an important piece of art, we are building new wonders in the world of web 4.0. Precisely, we are creating ‘History’...

Data Security

We have created the most secure and the most advanced system, where your crypto currency is safe in our most advanced network of block chain.

Reasonable rates

We aim to be a industry leader & proving you the best competitive rate that no one can offer you in the market place.

User friendly

Our interface is user friendly as it is adaptable for a beginner in terms of understanding and excelling further being a professional trader.

High Liquidity

Liquidity is a vital part of our Live Exchange. Through our forum traders and investors are able to navigate safely. With us you can trade easily and quickly at a fair price. We want you to have smooth sailings even in high tides and rough waters of crypto world. With us you are safe & secure!

Supporting Coins

WALAHALA provides new firmware updates to its users making sure that you receive latest features and new coins are added every month. You can always request your favorite coin if it is not there in your Hardware Wallet. Currently, supported coins and ERC Tokens are:

  • • BTC (Bit Coin)

  • • ETH (Ethereum)

  • • LTC (Lite Coin)

  • • BTG (Bit Coin Gold)

  • • BCH (Bit Coin Cash)

  • • XRP (Ripple)

  • • TRX (TRON)

  • • NEO (NEO)

  • • XLM (Stellar)

  • • Cardano (ADA)

  • • All ERC tokens and many more...

Completely Private

WALAHALA Wallet is completely isolated from all physical and network connections. WALAHALA Card cannot be connected to any network like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Completely protected from hackers and no back doors. WALAHALA Card is protected by using multiple verification system like Two-Factor Authentication, Google authentication and Mobile Authentication that makes your Wallet more secure.