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Walahala Hardware Wallet

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We are bringing the future closer to you. Carry in your purse easily, securely trade, on-the-go any number of asset just with one Wallet that is connected to live exchange.

Revolution awaits you


Meet Our Next Generation Technology

Walahala offers you not only the protection of your money but our services include direct loading of crypto assets on walahala with detailed transaction history and other details 24/7 hours.

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Powerful features await for you

A Complete Feature Stack Ready to Help You

WALAHALA’s exemplary team is working impeccably for your ease and your safe investments

Our core purpose is the satisfaction of our customers and the safety of their investments for which we believe your smooth sailings.

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Meet Our Next Generation Hardware Wallet

Be a WALAHALA Hardware Wallet user; a decentralized hardware wallet connected to live exchange for smart users with a better future.

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Easy to carry

It looks and feels like a credit card that can be carried anywhere in the world. Walahala latest Technology makes it faster, secure and easy to use.

Now you can take your bank with you in your pocket

Fast and Secure

Walahala Hardware wallet uses multiple verification system like Two-Factor authentication and private questionnaire. Completely protected from hackers.

The world has never been securer than now!

Smart & Slick

Smart, Slick and intelligent design makes it easier to carry your crypto currencies in your purse.No Threat from Hackers.
No need of wire, cable, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Your security is our first priority

Experience the Real Money


Meet World's Fastest Coin

Foreseeing the future of crypto world, we have to set target to be among the top ten crypto's in the world. Hence, WALAHALA coin will be recognized globally and can be used anywhere in the world.

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Exchange Explorer

First time in the history, we are utilizing Blockchain at it's best. Now you can View your Trade History as an open ledger in the Exchange Explorer inside WALAHALA Particles

A.I based Order-matching Engine

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User Experience at its Best

Multi Signature Hardware Wallet, now you can control financial world around you. Easy To use Interface. We believe we have the world’s best user-experience that gives you peace of mind all the time.

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Signup to get FREE $70,000 worth of coins with demo account

Be the judge yourself before you Buy it.
DOWNLOAD FREE DEMO ACCOUNT NOW and Feel the power of our wallet technology and leave us with your feedback.

Walahala For Windows


Download Beta(1.1.7)

(Before downloading , please disable all anti-viruses other than Microsoft Windows Security.)

  • .Net Framework 4.5.2
  • Windows 8,10 or higher

Connect to a Live Exchange on a single click

The trading engine of the WALAHALA Exchange can easily handle millions of orders per second. Maximum trade request can be countered with the adaptable and extensible engine within seconds. Besides, our trading engine can stand up for itself with one of the quickest and the most secure engine available in the market at present. Thus, traders can be saved from basic issues like facing problems in trading requests or tedious handling of the trades.

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Download WALAHALA Live Wallet Software

This Software is for WALAHALA Hardware Wallet holders.

(Before downloading , please disable all anti-viruses other than Microsoft Windows Security.)

Walahala Coin
Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic

Multiple Supported Coin Wallet

WALAHALA provides new firmware updates to its users making sure that you receive latest features and new coins are added every month. You can always request your favorite coin if it is not there in your Hardware Wallet.

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Why you should choose WALAHALA?

WALAHALA's team of brilliant scientists and engineers are continuously working on advanced technology to make sure that you stay one step ahead of the world. We provide you with the best available solutions to make you and your money safe.

It all starts by choosing the right path

When you're looking for your better future

  • Instant Transactions

    Buying or Selling on Single Click

  • Safe & Secure

    End-to-End protection of your digital assets

  • 24/7 Support

    Walahala Provides you instant support by our Experienced Technical Team

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Our Story

The image of a fearless and strong Viking, guarding the gates of Valhala was the idea behind we changed the spelling to ‘W’ at the start and now WALA stands for Wallets and HALA stands for the Hall so, it is the most secure wallet hall connected directly to the live exchange. Nothing in life is fun, without a little fantasy behind! WALAHALA is our utopia!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our services?

The aim behind the failure of two-factor authentication process could be the clock on your mobile phone that has floated. There is merely a two minute window for confirming two factor authentication so, if user’s clock has floated past that, then this is most likely that user would not be able to login. Therefore, the user needs to make sure that his/her phone is configured to sync your time with the phone network.
Identity verification shelters WALAHALA users from robbery, extortion and forestalls maltreatment of the WALAHALA Exchange. So, as to verify your account through identity verification methodology, login to your account at, create your personal profile by filling all the fields.
WALAHALA is trying to make fair and efficient price discovery available for the users. Following our trade limits which are put together to improve the overall trading experience on our markets:
o The maximum lifetime of any order is 30 days
o Any order older than 30 days would be cancelled automatically by the system and the funds will be sent back to your account.
WALAHALA does not provide any kind of consultation regarding financial planning, tax planning and filing, trading or investment advice.
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