Walahala FAQ's

  • Common Errors

  • Troubleshooting Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

    The aim behind the failure of two-factor authentication process could be the clock on your mobile phone that has floated. There is merely a two minute window for confirming two factor authentication so, if user’s clock has floated past that, then this is most likely that user would not be able to login. Therefore, the user needs to make sure that his/her phone is configured to sync your time with the phone network.

  • Warnings

    o Please make sure that your WALAHALA Hardware Wallet is not disconnected or unattached from your computer. Moreover, do not turn your computer off while the software application is being updated.
    o If user places a limit order and cancels it due to any reason, in that case mining fee will be charged

  • Enabling two-factor

    The user can enable two-factor authentication by clicking on security. Enable two-factor authentication and then follow the instructions. In case of not having a mobile device, the user can still enable two-factor authentication on their PCs by downloading a program win AUTH / Authy.

  • Disabling two-factor

    In order to disable or remove the two-factor authentication, the user needs to generate a support ticket from his/her valid email address which has been used for creating a log-in on WALAHALA. In case of not submitting your ticket from WALAHALA account email, we would not be able to remove your two-factor. As soon as our customer support team receives email, further instructions for removing/disabling this feature will be sent on your email address.

  • Why is it important to verify your identity?

    Identity verification shelters WALAHALA users from robbery, extortion and forestalls maltreatment of the WALAHALA Exchange. So, as to verify your account through identity verification methodology, login to your account at WALAHALA.com, create your personal profile by filling all the fields.

  • Not receiving email from WALAHALA

    There could be several reasons due to which the user may not be able to receive emails from WALAHALA:
    o Mistakenly marked emails from WALAHALA as spam
    o Your email provider might have sent WALAHALA’s email to low priority queue which takes time to deliver your email into walahala account.
    o The email has been delivered but arrived in your junk/spam folder.

  • Log on issues Captcha

    In case of facing log on issues with a captcha or a page showing "500 - Uh oh! Something went wrong on our end”, then try the following solutions:
    o Clear your browsers cache and remove any cookies related to WALAHALA
    o Try a new browser or an incognito window to check if the problem still remains, if it does not, then you need to clear your cache and cookies over again.
    If you did not receive email in your spam, then login your account once again, you will definitely get confirmation email

  • Trading

  • What is Hardware Wallet?

    A hardware wallet is a device that holds the user's private key. A private key is critical information for enabling outgoing network transactions in the blockchain. The purpose of the hardware Wallet is to present adequate isolation between private keys and your device or smartphone that is easy to use.

  • What are my trade limits?

    WALAHALA is trying to make fair and efficient price discovery available for the users. Following our trade limits which are put together to improve the overall trading experience on our markets:
    o The maximum lifetime of any order is 30 days
    o Any order older than 30 days would be cancelled automatically by the system and the funds will be sent back to your account.
    o Minimum size of trade value for orders allowed on Walahala is 30 Dollars. The smallest order in the book is 30 Dollars. The largest order in the book is Unlimited.

  • Margin Trading Availability

    o WALAHALA is not offering Margin Trading, yet.

  • What fees does WALAHALA charge?

    o Trades - All trades are charged 0.9% + mining fee
    o Deposits – no deposit fee will be charged.
    o Withdraws – mining feewill be charged.

  • Why is the total price an estimate in the trade confirmation dialog?

    We always try our best to provide our users the best price when they place any order.

  • User Accounts

  • Personal Account Support

    WALAHALA offers three types of personal account support only:
    o Basic
    o Gold
    o Platinum
    Basic account users can perform basic transaction activities whereas Gold and Platinum account holders may get a variety of offerings in terms of rewards and discounts.

  • Set up Two-Factor (2FA)

    We have implemented this security feature in order to ensure maximum security of your account and currency. 2FA is aimed at ensuring that you are the real user of this account even if your password gets stolen. Through 2FA, you can access your account only through the device you trust such as your smartphone, or computer.

  • Legal, Taxes, and Transaction History

    WALAHALA does not provide any kind of consultation regarding financial planning, tax planning and filing, trading or investment advice.

  • Why is my account disabled?

    In case your account gets disabled, you can generate a complain ticket and request for enabling your account. There could be following reasons your account may be disabled:
    o You placed a request for disabling your account
    o We got an alert from your account that someone tried to access through a wrong attempt, so our customer support team disabled it.
    o You tried to share an unverified document for your account verification
    o We suspected that your account was performing some illegal trade/activity
    o You have violated WALAHALA’s terms and conditions.

  • Multiple Account Policy

    We do not allow one user to have multiple accounts. In case of detecting such attempt by our team, WALAHALA reserves all the rights to disable those accounts even if it has funds available in it. The user can contact our customer support team to release their funds and then disable the accounts or place a request to consolidate those accounts and make it one.