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Walahala Hardware Wallet

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Providing safe, secure and high quality.

Walahala offers its customers such products which can go long way. It is our first priority to provide our customers with high grade, exceptional products. We make sure our products must be reliable and dependable.

Hardware Wallet
payWALA Merchant


Payments can be accepted by using our all-in-one payment gateway and merchant account in Europe. Instead of paying with cash, cheque, or credit cards, a consumer can use his mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods

payWALA is Quick, Fast & Secure.

Walahala Coin(WHC)

WALAHALA coin is purely distributed self-verification proof of authority (POA) technology that is based on direct acyclic graph. In WALAHALA Coin (WHC), transactions are verified by the previous transactions and there is no need of miners to verify those transactions. WALAHALA algorithm helps WHC to create transaction units and verify other units with the help of previous parent transactions.

Hardware Wallet

We are bringing the future closer to you. Carry in your purse easily, securely trade on-the-go any number of asset just with one Wallet. Manage and view your Crypto all the time with transaction history and other details. Manage major coins and all ERC Tokens. Get your Hardware Wallet Only for 149$.

Walahala Exchange

The trading engine of the WALAHALA exchange can easily handle Millions of orders per second. High number of trade requests can be countered with the adaptable and extensible engine within seconds. Besides these lines, our trading engine can stand up for itself with one of the quickest and the most secure engine available in the market at present. Thus, traders can be saved from basic issues like being stuck in trading requests or tedious handling of the trades.

payWALA Merchant

WALAHALA brings yet another exciting service for merchants through paywala. Now, you can choose to receive your payments in seconds by paywala. You can quickly receive access to the amount paid by your customers.
Now it’s easy for merchant To receive cryptocurrency payments into local currency.