Plasma Core Technology

Our new WALAHALA technology introduces the Plasma Core Engine. Plasma Core Technology is a specially designed for speedy transactions. Plasma Core Engine consists of three parts
• Transactions
• Main Particles
• Sub-Particles
which is connecting to Hardware Wallet to Live Exchange. The whole Plasma Core Engine is placed in a “QUANTUM SPACE”. WALAHALA Coins are injected in to the engine, making the transaction successful with a blink of an eye, and WALAHALA Coins are burnt in order when trade is executed. Thus, every transaction burns some WALAHALA Coins as a fuel to make transaction successful with in no time.


In our Plasma Core Engine, previous transactions collides with the new transactions through the consensus, that's create a new entity called WALAHALA Particles. We call combining of these transactions (COLLISION). So, upon each such collision, a Particle is born, this Particle is also known as WALAHALA Particle or the Main Particle. The WALAHALA Particles are always created when WALAHALA Coins are transferred from one account to another.


In our Plasma Core Engine, when a trade is made between two pairs, WALAHALA Coins(WHC) are charged as the Transaction Fee. Instead of transferring these WHC to a central account our system automatically burns them as Fuel. All of these Transactions are called Sub Particles, the Sub Particles works as a separate entity on the blockchain as open ledger on public Explorer.