Introducing a new Revolution

Walahala Exchange

WALAHALA Exchange can easily handle millions of orders per second. Maximum trade requests can be countered with the adaptable and extensible engine within the seconds.


Instant transaction

With our latest technology transactions are made in fraction of seconds

User Freindly

Walahala provides simple and easy user interface

Safe and Secure Platform

Walahala Exchange uses multiple verification system that's why it is more secure

Plasma Core Technology

Our new WALAHALA technology introduces the Plasma Core Engine. Plasma Core Technology is a specially designed for speedy transactions. Plasma Core Engine consists of three parts which is connecting to Walahala Hardware Wallet to Live Exchange. The whole Plasma Core Engine is placed in a “QUANTUM SPACE”. WALAHALA Coins are injected in to the engine, making the transaction successful with a blink of an eye, and WALAHALA Coins are burnt in order when trade is executed. Thus, every transaction burns some WALAHALA Coins as a fuel to make transaction successful with in no time.

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Walahala For Windows


Download Beta(1.1.7)

(Before downloading , please disable all anti-viruses other than Microsoft Windows Security.)

  • .Net Framework 4.5.2
  • Windows 8,10 or higher
Walahala Coin
Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic

Multiple Supported Coin Wallet

WALAHALA provides new firmware updates to its users making sure that you receive latest features and new coins are added every month. You can always request your favorite coin if it is not there in your Hardware Wallet.

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Download WALAHALA Hardware Wallet Software

(Before downloading , please disable all anti-viruses other than Microsoft Windows Security.)

Walahala Coin
Walahala Coin

Introducing Revolution in the World

Walahala Particles

In our Plasma Core Engine, previous transactions collides with the new transactions through the consensus, that's create a new entity called WALAHALA Particles. Instead of transferring these WHC to a central account our system automatically burns them as Fuel.All of these Transactions are called Sub Particles

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