Decentralized Exchange


The merits and demerits of blockchain technology have been discussed at great length. Cryptocurrency as a whole needs tools so that you are able to spend crypto-like normal currency. Due to the triumph of cryptocurrency, traders step forward to the decentralized system over a centralized one.

Cryptocurrency decentralized exchange is an exchange in which the third party becomes obsolete. Usually, the crypto trade is carried by the third party and due to its involvement, some amount of commission is earned. Now with the latest system of decentralized crypto exchange, trade is carried directly between the users (i.e. Peer-to-Peer trading/transactions) which makes the process simpler and easier. WALAHALA provides such services.

WALAHALA is a cryptocurrency decentralized exchange that allows you to trade different types of crypto coins without any interference of the third party. We offer multiple crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Walahala coin, tokens and many more. WALAHALA hardware wallet is directly connected to its own live crypto exchange. The trading engine of the WALAHALA crypto exchange can easily handle 1,500,000 orders per second. Maximum crypto trade requests can be countered with its adaptable and extensible engine within seconds. Alongside these lines, our trading engine can stand up for itself with one of the quickest and the most secure engine available in the cryptocurrency market at present. Thus, traders can be saved from basic issues like facing problems in trading requests or tedious handling of the trades.

WALAHALA hardware wallet connects its users directly with its own live exchange. WALAHALA provides 24/7 customer service to its users. A transaction fee is deducted in the form of WALAHALA coins.

WALAHALA technology has introduced the Plasma Core Engine. The plasma core technology is specially designed for speedy transactions. The whole Plasma Core engine is placed in a “QUANTUM SPACE”. WALAHALA coins are injected into the engine, making the transaction successful with a blink of an eye, and WALAHALA coins are burnt in order when the trade is executed. Thus, every transaction burns some WALAHALA coins as a fuel to make the transaction successful within no time.

Advantages of Walahala’s Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange:

 Peer-to-Peer Network:

WALAHALA platform offers a P2P network without third party involvement, enabling customers to enjoy secure, private & instant trading.

 Instant Transaction:

The plasma core engine is used for WALAHALA transactions. With our plasma core engine transactions are made in a fraction of a second and it only takes a few seconds to be confirmed. We aim to offer you the fastest coin in the world.

 Interest-Free Exchange:

WALAHALA does not hold any user’s crypto in the central servers. Users control their money independently saved in the WALAHALA card through wault protocol. WALAHALA allows interest-free, fast transactions without holding your funds so that, you receive smooth operations/services.

Transaction History: 

Anyone can see the transaction history on our explorer.

Elegant Design:

WALAHALA offers elegantly designed exchange through which the users can trade easily.

Fast Transaction:

WALAHALA provides you with an opportunity to use our Live Exchange where you can trade various tokens and cryptocurrencies with lightning-fast transactions.

 No Deposit Fee:

There is no deposit fee on crypto-assets.