Introducing payWALA Reliable Payment Method for both Merchants and Their Clients


Today, we are excited to officially announce payWALA that is a reliable payment method for both merchants and their clients. They can Buy/Sell through cryptocurrencies. 


payWALA, a platform where consumers can spend the cryptocurrencies of their choices quickly and easily, whether in stores or online, and we’re looking forward to seeing how people use it to unlock the power of cryptocurrencies in the physical world. payWALA makes it easy to spend your cryptocurrency with a simple scan of your phone at any store.


“Instant Crypto Payment With payWALA”

Feature of payWALA:




payWALA has its payment gateway that allows smooth and faster transfer of cryptocurrencies and enables merchants and their users to Buy/Sell with Bitcoin, Altcoins, Ethereum, Walahala coin and many more. GatePay is payment integration for the merchant. Online invoice software with features to receive online payment is more secure and credible for merchants than receiving payments through cheques. Connecting to the gate for accepting cryptocurrency for goods and services is free of charge for the merchant.


Quick Pay:


Let’s just start shopping with the Instant Payment platform. payWALA is ready to publish its Quick Payment for a customer to Buy/Sell anything form any store. The payment is quick and hassle-free. One can easily make a payment sitting comfortably everywhere.




Nowadays, centralized cryptocurrency payment systems are more likely to use. All the fund transfers can be performed at anytime, anywhere with high speed and in a few minutes without a waste of time with payWALA centralized hardware wallet.




payWALA eliminates the security risks that come with handling cash. You can easily convert your cryptocurrency in WHC. This would also allow customers to trade, for instance, bitcoin for ERC tokens. Provide quick transactions, support multiple users at once.




Walahala card can be used in any ATM so that you can withdraw your crypto-assets instantly.