WALAHALA Coin's Trading has been launch to Tokens.net


We are pleased to announce that WHC has been listed on Tokens.net. WALAHALA’s aim is to empower the people of the world by launching the most engrossing asset for crypto users.


Meet the World Fastest Coin


Foreseeing the future of the crypto world, we have a set target to be among the top ten crypto’s in the world. Hence, WALAHALA coin will be recognized globally and can be used anywhere in the world.

Walahala Coin is based on pure Distributed Self-Verification technology that works according to the direct acyclic graph. In WHC (WALAHALA COIN), transactions are verified by the previous transactions and there is no need for miners to verify the transactions. The direct cyclist graph algorithm helps WHC to create transaction units and verify other units with the help of a previous parent’s transaction.


Trading Pairs:



The whole concept was built from the ground up to be flexible, anonymous, and secure. WALAHALA Coin creators spent time thinking about what would bring the biggest benefit to consumers like you. In general terms, WALAHALA represents a new way of effecting transactions in the virtual environment.


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Reference: https://walahala.com/