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As you already read this astonishing title that what the article is. Let's just discuss how a hardware wallet is important to keep your assets secure and also in this article you will know at the end of the article, how you get FREE $70,000 worth of coins with WALAHALA demo account? 

You've probably heard if you have the private key, then you can access your coins and tokens securely, and the greatest peacefulness of the mind is to be found in hardware wallets when you control your wallet with your private keys. But if you don't have a private key then you are at a risk, your assets are not in your control.

Hardware wallets allow you to control your private keys and also prevent your assets to get stollen. But not all wallets are created equal. That why WALAHALA gives its user a big tidbit, before buying a WALAHALA hardware wallet you can check our security level free with our demo version and get free $70,000 worth of coins. WALAHALA ‘s priority is to protect your crypto assets. Because safety is so paramount when it comes to keeping your funds secure, it's essential for the wallet you choose, to keep your assets.


There are only a few steps that you can easily access the demo wallet for free.

  • Firstly, download our demo wallet for free:
  • Then you only need to get sign up in our demo wallet buy fill all the required fields.
  • After getting the sign up successfully. You just need to login
  • In the last, you will be able to go dashboard.

Now you can easily excess WALAHALA decentralized exchange that directly connects by a hardware wallet.

For more detailed information you can also visit our official website

 And also, you can learn by the tutorials from the official WALAHALA YouTube channel.


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