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The growth of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, in general, is all about the current financial system. Investors are indeed tired and sick of the lengthy wait times for transfers or validations of payments along with glorious transaction fees. Such challenges could be solved in a very short time by WALAHALA.

However, blockchain technology must have the potential to process transactions with ease comparable to current networks. About cryptocurrency transactions, there are multiple claims online. Due to network congestion and fees incurred during transactions, the transaction speeds can vary. It is therefore not entirely fixed in stone, and information about the transaction speed is very contradictory.

That's why WALAHALA has set the goal of being in the world's top 10 cryptocurrencies. Thus, WALAHALA coin is recognized worldwide and can be used worldwide.


Review of WHC transaction speed

Average transaction speed — whc coin can handle millions of transactions within a second.

Actual transaction speed —whc coin is currently handle 0.000333 (TPS) speed

Theoretical transaction speed — the theoretical speed of whc coin is 0.000333(TPS)

Claimed transaction speed —the declared speed of whc coin 0.000333(TPS)


Technology that used for the speedy transaction of whc

Regular transactions can take weeks or days. Several cryptocurrencies can take hours. Some take ten minutes. If we see bitcoin, it takes a lot of time for its transaction but we've used DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) in which the parent transaction confirms the new transaction with lightning-fast speed. We’re also providing the feature of instant trading, now you don't have to wait for your funds to reach your wallet. In whatever pair you're trading, you’ll get the instant amount for the next trade. Direct cyclist graph algorithm helps WHC to create transaction units and verify other units with the help of previous parent transactions.

The plasma core engine is used for the WALAHALA transaction. Plasma core engine transactions are made in a fraction of a second and take only a few seconds and take only a few seconds to confirm. We aim to offer you the fastest coin in the world, and also whc allows us to achieve lightning-fast transactions without mining fees.

To provide you with our best services there are no transaction fees for whc coin