Walahala World’s Fastest Transaction


The development of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, in general, has everything to do with the inadequacies of the current financial system. People are sick and tired of the long waiting time associated with transactions or payment validations along with a high transaction fee. Blockchain and cryptocurrency have been able to overcome these issues within a short timeframe. Blockchain transactions can be validated 24/7 without the help of any 3rd party, so customers don’t have to pay the sky-high transaction fees.



As obvious, new technologies always come with certain issues, so is the scenario with blockchain. And in the case of cryptocurrencies, it is ‘TPS’ (transactions per second). Walahala has resolved this issue with its latest technology.




Walahala’s latest technology allows you to achieve lightning-fast transactions. Due to its plasma core engine, transactions can be made in fraction of a second and take only few seconds to be confirmed. As we aim to offer you the fastest coin in the world therefore, we do not charge any transaction fee for our coin. Since, Walahala has removed this issue with the fastest transaction, therefore, it is one of the fastest and securest exchange. It offers 0.0000333 (TPS) https://explorer.walahala.io/.



Walahala allows fast transactions without holding your funds so that, you receive smooth operations/services.




Reference: https://walahala.com/