Walahala The Decentralization Wallet Connecting to live Exchange


Walahala is a Pure Decentralized System that provides users' completely secure decentralized hardware wallet in the form of “WALAHALA CARD”.  Walahala design the most compact wallet that is smart and slim in design as a credit card without a wire. And the user can easily carry that “WALAHALA CARD”. everywhere in the world. The security of our WALAHALA Hardware Wallet is based on 33 words passphrase and we have the highest security features ever.




 The 33 recovery passphrases are unique which makes your Wallet recoverable in case if you lose your Hardware Wallet. “WALAHALA CARD”. is protected by using multiple verification systems like Two-Factor Authentication, Google authentication and Mobile Authentication that makes your Wallet more secure.



Reference: https://walahala.com/