The Future is here -Trade Cryptocurrency with WALAHALA


What would be a better time than now to look forward to the use of cryptocurrency in your life? This article explains about WALAHALA, the best place to spend your cryptocurrency securely.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology continue to grow their influence in the leagueSo here, the WALAHALA gives its users to experience the fast transaction in the cryptocurrency world.

What is new in Walahala exchange?

For the very first time in the history of walahala, hardware wallet connects to its live exchange while others cannot. The best thing in our cryptocurrency exchange is that the crypto assets are in your hardware wallet which means only you can control your cryptocurrency. It’s not only saving money and keeping them within the boundaries, but Walahala card users can also buy, sell and trade over major cryptocurrency like altcoin and tokens. Our service includes direct loading of crypto assets on Walahala detailed transactions history and other details would be provided within 24 hours. We ensure smooth working for our user’s end.

Following are some highlighting features of Walahala cryptocurrency exchange:

  • Decentralized Exchange.
  • Lightning Fast Transactions.
  • Elegant Design.
  • Instant Trade.
  • Anyone can see the Transaction on Explorer.
  •  No deposit Fee



Walahala is a decentralized exchange that allows you to trade different types of crypto coins without any interference of third party. . The trading engine of the walahala exchange can easily handle 1,500,000 orders per second. Maximum trade requests can be countered with its adaptable and extensible engine within seconds. Alongside these lines, our trading engine can stand up for itself with one of the quickest and the most secure engine available in the market at present. Thus, traders can be saved from basic issues like facing problems in trading requests or tedious handling of the trades.