You Own Your Own Bank


We are restricted to save our money into a bank. Sometimes we need money urgently but we face so many issues like ATM is not working properly, the banking system is stuck, etc. How to get rid of these issues? Is it possible for you and me having control of our money without a bank?  Yes, Walahala gives us a decentralized hardware wallet connected to live Exchange.


Your money is 100% secure in exclusive WalahalaCard. Your money is now in your control. WalahalaCard design makes it easier for you to carry your Crypto Hardware Wallet in your purse because WalahalaCard design is smart, slick and intelligent. It looks and feels like a Credit Card that can be carried, anywhere in the world. WALAHALA’s latest technology makes it faster, secure and easy to use. The world has never been securer than now. With WALAHALA your money is in your control now. WALAHALA Exchange proudly introduces WalahalaCard that can be easily carried along anywhere in the world. Hence, it is easily accessible, anytime. Due to its adaptability and flexible use, it is ready to operate worldwide. WalahalaCard is a user-friendly product that gives you easy access to control.

The security of WALAHALA hardware wallet is based on 33 words passphrase and this is the highest security feature ever. We are making sure that there is no back door on the wallet. So, you are the only one who can control your money and wallet as well.

WalahalaCard is protected by using multiple verification systems like Two-Factor Authentication, Google authentication and Mobile Authentication that makes your Wallet more secure.  This state of the art WalahalaCard is available at a very reasonable price only US $ 149. Our core purpose is the satisfaction of our customers and the safety of their investments for which we believe your smooth sailings.;u=21231

Not only the protection of your digital assets, but our services include direct loading of Crypto assets on WALAHALA, detailed transaction history and other details that are provided within 24 hours. We ensure smooth working at our as well as our users’ end.