Walahala Beta Release for Bug Bounty Program


Walahala is pleased to announce the launch of a bug bounty program dedicated to providing customers the utmost protection from hacking and surveillance. This includes encouraging responsible vulnerability research and disclosure.

Walahala is going to release beta version (1.1) for the bug bounty program on June 2. We are excited to offer a total bounty of 100,000 WHC for eligible participant. For the bug bounty program, we provide free PCB’s to participant with 100 WHC worth $100. Participant must have to utilize their 100WHC for trading.

With the bug bounty program walahala is entered to the next phase of development enhancement. Company wants to let this bugs know before launching alpha release.

Walahala welcomes the external security community to find and submit bugs to [email protected] These discoveries are eligible for public recognition. We will usually be in touch within 24 hours. All submissions will be reviewed within our program criteria.


For registration:


Reference: https://walahala.com/