WALAHALA: Results of Bug Bounty Program


Walahala’s ‘Bug Bounty Program’ aims to discover potential technical vulnerabilities on walahala’s platform and brings our community members together, especially those who are knowledgeable about blockchain technology and network security.

We have received tremendous support from our users worldwide and we are equally grateful for this momentum of participation.

The following graph presents the reviews of past three months regarding bug bounty program that started from 2nd June, 2019. Many participants have identified some bugs of walahala exchange, as it is evident from the graph. Our participants and their shared reviews are highly appreciated. Along with that we also provide evidence of our users’ satisfaction with our walahala exchange (including speed, design, security, user-friendly interface).



The aim of this bug bounty program is to help us improve our security in the most efficient way and we are grateful for our users’ participation and feedback in identifying bug for the better version of walahala. In the second month of program we received bugs from the participant of 1697 as shown in the graph.


We are proud to see that many of our users are already concerned about the security of our walahala exchange for the betterment of our company in cryptocurrency world. We had 2374 users in three months of this program that highlighted bugs. Soon Walahala will list/announce the names of the winners of bug bounty program. 




Reference: https://walahala.com/